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In order for all games held under WMH and Nederland Hockey Masters to run smoothly, a large group of officials is active / needed in addition to the teams of players. We can split this group of officials into 2 categories.

  • The Umpires
  • The Officials (Time controlling and administration)

In recent years, many people have committed themselves during the international tournaments to make these tournaments a success. Remeber the World Cups and European Championships in recent years in Rotterdam, Klein Zwitserlad (The Hague), Brasschaat, Tilburg, Real Club de Polo, again Rotterdam and Krefeld.

During these tournaments, all teams are expected to have a fair, but also respectful attitude. It goes without saying that moods get somewhat overheated during a match, but also after the match

All International competitions are FIH accredited and teams, staff and officials must comply with International Regulations, the code of conduct and anti-drug rules.

The referees are of course responsible for all matches to be played in accordance with the most recently published International Rules and Briefings.

The officials are responsible for time control, recording the scores and (if necessary) cards shown and for the behavior of the staff at the side of the field. They also keep track of the starting line-up and players substitutions. Matches played at the WMH sanctioned tournaments are rewarded with caps when a player joined the match.

During international tournaments, the match system of Altius is used, in which all relevant match data is included in the match sheet. This is updated live during the competitions, so that interested parties and the press can follow the competition progress all over the world. These officials must be familiar with the Altius registration system and have a neutral presence during the match.

Since March 2020, the Netherlands has a new Masters Referees and Officials Committee, which is responsible for appointing referees for National and International Masters tournaments, recruiting new referees and recruiting and training the officials.

For the latter category, we will make use of the services of several persons with a lot of international experience. This is to increase and guarantee the quality of the Dutch officials.

The WMH sets high standards for the quality of referees and officials and if we want to supply referees and officials for every International tournament, there should be no discussion about quality.

Some International terms explained:

TD = Technical Delegate
Ass. TD = Assistent Technical Delegate
TO = Technical Official > responsible for match tables and judges.
Judges Officials responsible for time and administration of the matches.
UM = Umpires manager > Responsible for assigning the umpires and for the match rules.
Ass. UM = Assistant umpires manager > Responsible helping and coaching of umpires.
Umpire = The umpire
Matchsheet  = the names of all players entitled to play are noted on this, the substitutes, the goals scorers, how was scored (field goal, SC or SB), any green, yellow or red cards. This form will be digitally signed after the match by both referees (and possibly a referee), both managers and by the judges and TO.

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